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Silver Ukraine is a non-profit organization aiding the defense of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. 


We have created a network of professionals from an array of fields spanning the world, especially Ukraine, the European Union, and the United States. 


Our volunteers draw on a wealth of experience, with backgrounds in the military, as medical specialists, investment bankers, government advisers, and logistics experts, among other skill sets. 

Our mission is simple: help Ukraine and help Ukrainians defend their freedom and sovereignty. 


Silver Ukraine identifies front line needs in real-time. Whether that be sourcing lethal aid to Ukrainian defense forces, pipelining medical supplies and equipment to doctors and hospitals, or delivering humanitarian support to civilians, we are there. 

By means of our network we can source supplies from anywhere in the world and deliver them to the people on the ground in Ukraine who need them most when they are needed most.


Our partner suppliers are located mainly in the European Union and the United States, but we accept contributions and materials from anywhere. 


We have established financial entities in the European Union and the United States to fundraise and pay for any and all required supplies. 


Finally, we have the logistical ability and network to efficiently source supplies to our staging area in Poland so that they can then be rapidly distributed and deployed through our network inside Ukraine. 


It’s simple: right now Ukraine needs all the support in the world to help its brave people combat the onslaught of aggression which threatens its territory as well as European values and stability. 

To help Ukraine, we are asking specifically for small and medium sized orders. The reason for this is that it makes it logistically less complicated to transport into the war zone of Ukraine. 

You can help by donating money or specific items from the list of needs.


Thanks for submitting!

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