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What we need

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Our Spec Ops forces need 4 ATV's for increasing their off-road mobility

4 ATVs for offroad missions

Cost: about EUR 20,000

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We need 4 reliable suburban vehicles for a Spec Ops unit to move quickly around Kyiv

4 Used 4x4 pickup trucks\SUV's

Cost: about EUR 60,000

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This big hotel complex feeds more than 3000 people a day for free. They need help to continue working

Electricity bill for a volunteer center

Cost: $7,500

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Our elite snipers need top-level sights and scopes

Sights and scopes for elite snipers

Cost: about $76,000

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Our fellow Spec Ops soldiers need to be warm at their positions at night

Thermal underwear for 200 Spec Ops soldiers

Cost: about EUR 10,000

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