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  • Oleh Orlov

55 sets of thermal underwear for the defenders of Kyiv

This year April in Ukraine is cold. And it is especially cold if you have to spend nights in a building without heating or outdoors. Thanks to our friends from Israel and the fundraising concert they organized, it will be warmer for 55 boys and girls defending Kyiv.

We used the donation to buy 55 BAFT KOMPASS full body thermal suits. The Ukrainian manufacturer designed them to withstand harsh weather conditions and high activity, which makes them a good fit for our soldiers. Also they are soft and pleasant to the touch. So are the hearts of our defenders.

We gave 25 sets of thermal underwear to the А3449 Spec Ops Unit. Another 24 sets we gave to the Fortress to distribute where they are most needed. And 6 more we gave to the tactical medics from the A2718 Tactical Medicine Unit.

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