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  • Oleh Orlov

A real miracle! Beautiful music in Israel turned into material warmth for the defenders of Kyiv

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Even in the midst of a war there is space for beauty, sincere deeds and humanity. And it is possible to support those who are defending the good even being hundreds of kilometres away from the battleground.

We are deeply grateful to our friends Mila Agranovsky , Vlad Tolubayev, Yulia Gurvych and Kirill Mikhanovsky from Israel for organizing a charity concert.

Kirill Mikhanovsky (cello) and Yulia Gurvych (piano) played Variations on a rococo theme (Tchaikovsky), Winterreise (Schubert ) and other plays. They managed to raise 6,000 shekels with their wonderful music.

The money will be spent to buy some thermal underwear for our boys and girls from the Spec Ops to keep them warm in the cold forests around Kyiv, Ukraine, where at night the temperature still goes below the freezing point.

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