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  • Oleh Orlov

Sights and scopes for snipers

Our Spec Ops sniper units need top-level sights and scopes.

Cost: about $76,000

Several Spec Ops teams are being formed of highly qualified snipers of the Spec Ops Army Units A3449, A0515 and A2245.

You can read more about these guys at the Wikipedia To work more efficiently these guys need 12 sets of optical equipment with thermal vision technology. They have asked specifically for the Ukrainian equipment made by Archer ( But Archer has stopped producing equipment, as everyone from their company went on war. We found some analogues at

  1. E6 Pro V3 night vision monocular - $2,228

  2. Rico 50/ + Irf optics + night vision + range meter - $3,889

Total cost of 12 sets of equipment is $73,404

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