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  • Oleh Orlov

Thermal underwear for 200 Spec Ops soldiers

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Our fellow Spec Ops soldiers need to be warm at their positions at night.

Cost: about EUR 10,000

Progress: 55 of 200 sets provided

Our fellow Spec Ops soldiers are fighting in various hot spots around Kyiv. The weather in Ukraine now is unpredictable. At night the temperature may go down below 0°C (32°F). It's hard for the soldiers to keep fighting when it's too cold. Especially when they need to spend several days at the same position. To keep them warm we need to get them some thermal underwear. The Spec Ops guys told us they would be happy to get thermal underwear made by Craft Active, Norfin Nord, Norveg or similar brands. One set of thermal underwear costs about EUR 50. We need 200 sets of warm underwear, which will cost about EUR 10,000

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