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Yuri has been working as a jeweler for the last ten years . He draws inspiration from the restoration of archaeological artifacts, on the basis of which he creates his own jewelry. He lives with pleasure from the materialization of ideas - from a thought, through a drawing, and then into a material object.

Yuri is currently absorbed by only one thought - to help his brothers and friends, and the divisions they serve, with what they urgently need. Yuri considers it to be his duty to do everything to protect and save as many defenders of his city - Kyiv, and Ukraine as a whole.

There are things that our people urgently need. Kyiv is flooded with enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance groups. And our soldiers do not have night vision devices and thermal imagers. At night they are blind and especially vulnerable.

A lot of money is allocated to Ukraine. But funds don't want to get involved with such products on moral or legal grounds. So Yuriy became a co-founder of the Silver Ukraine to
help those who stood up to protect our cities.

Yuri Leshukov

Yuri Leshukov
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